The BRAIN BACK BODY Exercise Program is a combination of specific Neuro Integration exercises combined with traditional strength building protocols. The exercise chapters are divided to focus on specific body areas. The three chapters are headed: Chest and Shoulders, Arms and Back, and then Legs. Each chapter begins with a neuro integrative warm-up that is followed by resistance strength training procedures using exercise bands, a small ball to emphasize neck and back strength, and a large ball for Core strength, stability, and balance. The goal of the program is to increase midline cerebellar activation to increase the frequency of firing of higher brain centers for increased cognition, and postural control. This creates smoother motions, better appearance, and improved thinking.
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Whats Included:

– Small Neck Extension Ball
– FitBALL Light Exercise & Extra Heavy Exercise Bands.

Debbie Z. Sonoma, CA

“The BBB DVD is a nice treat for yourself. It’s an ideal way to tone your arms, legs , and abs since it can be done at home on your own schedule. It’s a different routine each time. The exercises are varied and interesting to do. I’ve noticed much improvement in my strength and stamina in a short time. I highly recommend this workout. I’m glad I tried it and continued with it. I love the BBB DVD!

P.W. age 61 Sonoma, CA

“I love the convenience of having a comprehensive work out in the comfort of my own home that doesn’t require heavy or bulky equipment. It’s fun and easy to use. I often toss the stretch bands and the small inflatable ball into my suitcase when we go traveling. The Brain Back Body DVD offers and excellent warm up segment and the choice of three target areas to work on; Chest and shoulders, Arms and Back, or legs. It’s a good workout for any age! Informative, Easy to use, Convenient!”


Applications of Chiropractic Neurology

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