Good News


You will be pleased to learn that in an article in the April 2009 issue of Men’s Health Magazine titled “The Ultimate ABS Exercise”  gave great reviews for the side plank exercise. That exercise is an intimate part of the Brain Back Body DVD Exercise Program. The article stated, ”Carving your midsection shouldn’t be a pain in the back. The side plank builds your abs without stressing your spine, according a Mayo Clinic Study. “Compared with other abdominal exercises, the side plank helps you maintain posture and alignment,” says Jim Youdas, the study’s coauthor, “which leads to fewer injuries while still increasing abdominal strength.”

The Brain Back Body DVD Exercise Program


The Brain Back Body Exercis Program is a unique and effective combination of specific Neuro integration exercises combined with traditional strength building protocols. The exercise chapters are divided to focus on specific body areas.

The three chapters are:

  • Chest and Shoulders
  • Arms and Back
  • Legs

Each Chapter begins with a unique pattern of neuro integrative warm-up exercises that are followed by resistance strength training procedures using exercise bands, a small ball to emphasize neck and back strength, and a large ball for Core strength, stability, and balance. The program objective is to increase midline cerebellar activation for increasing the frequency of firing of higher brain centers for enhanced cognition, better balance and accurate postural control. This creates smoother motions, better appearance, and improved thinking.

Brain Back Body DVD Program Package INCLUDES:


  • The Brain Back Body DVD
  • Small Ball for neck exercises
  • Ball and Pump
  • Light Exercise Band
  • Extra Heavy Exercise Band